December 24, 2010

My Birthday Tea at Sizzler's

Tonight we had my Birthday Tea at Sizzlers.

We were originally going to go to Montezuma's at Taringa, but alas they were closed for the holidays.

SO onwards to meet the cast of characters that helped me celebrate turning 41 today.

My B E A utiful daughters CB and JP and Me....

Me and My Girls

Me, Poppy and Nanna....

Dad, Poppy and NAnna

Aunty A, Nephew D and Mumma....

Aunty A, DML and Mum

Nanna and Nephew S....

Nanna and SML

CB, Uncle D, nephew R and Aunty L....

CB, Uncle D, RDJW and Aunty L

We also missed Dad and A tonight. But poor A had to work late.  Damn you MYER and your boxing day sales.

December 23, 2010

Guppying at the Haig Street Quarry Reserve

Aunty A and the Boys invited us up to the Quarry to have a play and catch some fish and Guppies.

This pic is taken on the platform overlooking the lake, formed by the old disused quarry.

Old Quarry Reflection 1

JP, DML and CB had fun catching guppies in the lake

Guppying Time out

But CBs feet got sore so she had to cool her heels....

Stretching out, Cooling the Heels

CB and DML we the most persistent guppy catchers while Aunty A looks on....

Looking for Guppies 1

While the others were catching Guppies SML was exploring the side of the old Quarry...

King of the Hill