February 13, 2010

JP's Birthday Party

A quick snap of JP and her friends at her birthday party.

We had a great time playing Hula hoops, Limbo and Twister Scram. The entertainment was supplied by JP's cousin SML when he ripped his pants during the limbo competition due to the way he likes to wear his pants down around his knees somewhere.

February 7, 2010

And there was MUD

With all the rain about over the last two days Miley had dug a Huuuuge hole out the side of the house where wer are in the middle of some renovations.

Needless to say the call of a good mud bath was too much to resist...

JP didn't want to get in the mud bath but settled for making mud pies instead...

JP makin Mud Pies

Then both the girls got in the shell pool to wash off.

JP and CB Playing in the shell pool

A Parky Afternoon

This afternoon we went for a stroll to the park for the girls to let off a bit of steam.

CB just clillin on the machines

We took the girls' "Pink Machine" down for a spin...

but the concrete we were on had a bit too much grip,

JP before the Stack

 as JP found out much to her chagrin.

JP after the Stack

We couldn't end the day without JP pulling a face....

Awesome Crazee Face