August 30, 2008

August 29, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

When I picked JP & CB up from after school care yesterday, CB had a huge book in her hand and was very eager to show it to me and tell me all about it.

She went on to explain that her class went to the library today, and that she was allowed to have this book for FREE for two weeks. It didn't cost anything she kept saying.

Such innocence.


She's coming to take me away - Ha Ha

A pic of NP coming to pick me up from the station

August 27, 2008

Fire on the Horizon

Here is today's Pic of the Day. A pic looking out of the southern end of my building. The big fire behind the building in the pic was a car yard, at Rocklea, on fire ( Simms Metal ). You can also see the "Eye of Brisbane" (ferris wheel) in the forecourt of Southbank. Catch Ya L8R.

August 26, 2008

City Hall

As I walked past city hall this morning it was bathed in a wonderful light so I thought I would share it with you all today.

A Bit of Background

Brisbane's first town hall was built in 1864, but this Town Hall was not opened until 1930. The magnificent clock (4.8 metres diameter) and tower (91.5 metres high) have recently been restored. The three-storey building holds a circular concert hall, with impressive gallery seating, and great acoustics. Sit near the lions "on guard" at the front entrance and count the Corinthian columns across the fa├žade. The Town Hall square is a relaxing place to enjoy Brisbane's great climate, when exploring the city.


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At Night

Fat Lip

CB climbed up the fence this arvo to talk to the boys next door. She
had been told so many times not to put the blue slide up against the
fence as it would fall and she could get hurt.

Lo and behold - A Fat Lip.

She said that it feels like a golf ball.

View with a room.

This is my afternoon view.

It gets very bright and we have to pull the shades down.

August 25, 2008

Nutella girl

What a natural nutella smile she has.

We keep telling her if she eats any more of this she will turn into it.

The transmutation is beginning it seems.

CB's Fairytale Party

CB's Fairytale Party

Originally uploaded by EclipseAu

On thursday 21 August, CB's after school care centre held a fairytale party for the juniors (prep - grade 3).

They all (including the carers) got dressed up as someone from a fairytale. CB was an Asian princess. I know, what fairytale is that from I hear you ask. Well none, but she didn't want to wear the scratchy princess costume we had, but loved JP's Japanese kimono.

Anyway she looked like a beautiful princess. And had a great time to boot, with all the party food and games. She even got princess make up, as you can see from the picture.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, after the kids got changed, one of CB's friends (a boy) saw her and said " Wow CB, u look beautiful".

Needless to say, you cannot believe the smile she had on her face after that compliment.

August 17, 2008

Picnic Lunch @ Colleges Crossing

We decided to go to colleges crossing for lunch after watching Grant Hacket swim his guts out to get silver in the 2008 Olympic Games 1500m freestyle final.

We stopped at Karalee Fish and Chip shop to get some food to take to the park.

I took these photos of JP and CB near the bridge, while we were there, there was this fella that had a couple of model power boats that kept fluffin' out and he had to keep running down to where we were to get the boat before it floated off downstream with the current

The girls loved playing on the playground, Gee JP can come up with some silly faces.

AH's Birthday Party

CB went to AH's Birthday party at Maccas near our place on Saturday morning. She had a great time.

I you want to see the rest of the pics email me and I will send you the link or go to our Flickr site

August 15, 2008

Trading in a Nutshell

Trading in a Nutshell, originally uploaded by EclipseAu.

I saw this book the other day while browsing in QBD. As I looked at it thoughts of litle tiny stock brokers running around yelling things like "Give me 2000 shares in Nutella!" and "Sell, Sell, Sell, cashews are so yesterday!" were swimming through my brain. HAHAHAHAHA Boom Boom Boom

August 13, 2008

Ekka Holiday Happenings

Well our day started off with some sand painting and Mum's work.


We then went over to Riverlink to check out what was happening there. After we got some Fairy Floss we went to the balloon making demonstration. The girls were shown how to make a balloon hat.

Balloon Hats
After that we went and had a look at the Barnyard Babies where the girls fell in love with a 4 day old baby goat.

Barnyard Babies

After all this fun, we went and had lunch with Mum and got the girls faces painted.

Face Painting JP

August 11, 2008

Back to '63 - Car Show and Shine

Well after a cool start to the day (-1.5c), it turned out to be a glorious day.

Aunty A was working the 10 - 12 shift at the boys scout stall at the car show so we thought we would drop in and show our support and check out the cars.

My pick of the lot would have to be "She Devil", a customised PT Cruiser.

I wasn't able to get a photo of it because it was so popular with heaps of people crowding around it all the time.

The coolest thing at the show was two couples showing off their hand built "trailervans". These were excellent little pieces of kit.

Head over to our Flickr site to see some pics of them.

August 9, 2008

Annie's 60th Birthday Party

Annie had her 60th birthday party @ Da Sette Soldi restaurant at Clayfield.

We had a great time, the band was excellent.

Annie hired a 16 piece swing band.

The girls took a real shine to the singer in the band. Her name was Michelle. The girls spent most of the night talking to her.

Horror of horrors, Jordy even got me up to dance.

August 3, 2008

Cricket Champs

Cricket_Champs, originally uploaded by EclipseAu.

We went to Kholo Gardens today for a fun afternoon frolic and play some cricket. It was a beautiful afternoon, Sunny 20 deg.

The kids had to be dragged up from the creek to play cricket but once they were playing, they had a great time.

August 1, 2008

Disappearing Skyline

The buildings around the city just keep getting taller and taller.

Standing at the traffic lights at the corner of Adelaide and George Streets I looked up towards City Hall, which was almost completely visible 6 months ago, and realised that only the top is now visible.

Soon none of the heritage buildings will be visible unless you are standing right next to them.